Allegra Software: Guide for Beginners

by Gabriella Martin

Allegra Software has the incredible ability to transform your project from disorganised to super organised! Part of successfully running any organisation or project is making sure you are able to plan and track your teams’ actions effectively! Good communication and tracking will allow for all obstacles to be confronted properly and fixed swiftly for maximum success.

This is where Allegra Track plus comes in and provides you with adaptable and intelligent software to make sure your team knows exactly what to do when and you can manage them all easily!


The headings above will guide you through briefly explaining each element below and how you can make use of it when you stat using Allegra software for your next project.

Firstly, you must create an account and choose the plan you are wanting to use with Allegra. There are different options available for you and certainly something that will meet your needs! But if you are new to Allegra and would just like to have a look and feel for the software, make use of the demo on the website for free! It is an interactive example of how the software looks and works so that you can be sure that you are happy with it before you make use of the real deal for yourself and your team!

As you can see in the picture below there are many different tools available with the comprehensive Allegra software! Such as a Cockpit, Project Overview, Gantt Diagram, Workload, Task Board and an item creation tab. These different dashboards are available to provide you with different lenses to view your project through. The features will be discussed further below:


First (on the top left) you will see the cockpit of your project. This will allow you to find details of outstanding items and tasks which are underway as well as an activity stream which helps monitor what is happening in the project in real time. It also gives you a status on the activity stream whereby you can see how each individual has moved and what the general progress has been.

The cockpit is appropriately named (like that of the front of a plane) because it is essentially the brain of your project. Decisions can be made and tasks can be monitored in this tab.

View Project

Next you’ll see a tab named ‘View Projects’. This is an in-depth, highly intelligent dashboard which configures real-time charts and graphs to illustrate the progress of one’s project. A ‘status over time’ graph can be seen here, and this would be useful to a project manager wanting to monitor how the projects projected future will be, is the project running early or late? It is also here where you may find a ‘helpdesk’. This will ensure that you are able to receive any help from the Allegra team that you might need when it comes to the smooth running of the Allegra Track plus software.

Gantt Diagram

Furthermore, there is a Gantt chart tab available. Gantt charts are a popular method of project management tracking and has been known to be effective in large organizations around the world. This generated Gantt chart will allow for swift decision making and a better understanding of how individuals involved in your project are interacting with the project.

For more information on how to optimise your Gantt chart and making sure you are using it properly check out our blog explaining it to you fully!

The Gantt Chart: an invaluable Project Management Tool


The next tab is the Workload tab. This tab allows a project manager and other members of the team involved in the project to analyses how much work each individual is undertaking. In this tab, the roles that an individual is assigned to and for what timeframe is made clear. This could be beneficial when looking at the team from a performance management perspective. As the actual workload each individual is responsible for becomes clear. The depth and breadth of the tasks are also emphasized by use of colours and shapes in the tab.

Task Board

Lastly, there is a ‘Task board’ tab. This tab consists of a Kanban board. This has a drop-down box where you are able to select exactly the perspective you need to make the best decision or look at the data in the best way.

For more information on a Kanban board have a look at our blog taking you through the ins and outs of it all!

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However, the purpose of this task board is to give someone a zoomed-out perspective of the actual tasks being under carried in the present timeframe. The various tasks are also categorized in terms of individuals working on a specific task. For example, 3 members of the big team working on one task together will have their own tab on the task board to provide updates as well as general communication to each other.

Task boards are essential for the smooth running of a project because it is being continuously updated and it does provide an accurate overview of “what is happening” so to say. Allegra software is clearly about so much that this! Hence the amazing possibilities that arise with all of the tabs listed above.

Create Item

Furthermore, there is a ‘Create Item’ tab at the top right-hand side of the dashboard. This ‘Create Item’ tab is available for individuals to take control of all the task variable which need to be documented for their project to be completed. This is necessary as even if all tasks are accounted for in the creation of the boards, you may need to add addition items and therefore create additional tasks.

What is very advantageous about Allegra software is the ability for these new created items to be completely adaptable and customisable to suite the project on hand.

Allegra Software: Summary

The possibilities of Allegra software are endless. The intelligence and adaptability of the software is extremely proficient to ensure successful communication and monitoring for all aspects of a project underway. There is no doubt that (particularly since the beginning of the pandemic) an online software system is necessary for organizations of all sizes to run effectively.

Not only does Allegra software allow for successful communication between team members and project managers, but it allows for great visual progress to be displayed for all. It is no doubt one of the most advanced project management software platforms available to date!

Should you have any further questions regarding the Allegra software feel free to get in touch with anyone through our contact details on this website.


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