Great Project Management apps for success!

by Gabriella Martin

At some point in your working career you are likely to be a part of a project in a company. This may be more common in your role and you may be used to collaborating often, or this may be more unusual and something you find slightly more difficult. If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that sometimes it is impossible to avoid team work, and working from home has required a lot of effective communication to ensure optimal effectiveness in overall outcomes of business operations. Moreover, due to digitization , the way we work with one another is changing constantly. Project management apps and other web-based apps are an ideal way to better support organisations, teams and employees in project management and collaboration.

Also making use of an application online can eliminate the still prevailing email clutter and Excel chaos in many departments and teams. This saves time and the work becomes more dynamic and targeted – let alone being more productive.

Helping making projects as easy as possible to manage

Many web-based apps not only support task and project management , but also – through features such as calendar or performance recording – in scheduling and controlling. A Project Management software helps you to manage work from a central platform, thus ensuring knowledge transparency. Thanks to modern cloud solutions, all employees are networked, informed and have access from anywhere – which is partly why Covid-19 lockdowns have allowed a degree of working from home.
In this blog, we will dive into a few project management tools that you can download or use on the web from anywhere! All to make your life a little easier when collaborating.

1. Allegra

Allegra is a Task and Project Management tool which is incredibly useful for conducting any kind of project online! Allegra is great for keeping super organised with dashboards indicating the projects progress in many different manners. With the amazing capabilities of Allegra, you are able to make informed and useful decisions to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently. Allegra, is also highly diverse and is able to be customisable to meet your specific project and organisation needs. If there is a preference you have- Allegra will sort it out and make it possible! Allegra also are compatible with many different types of project management styles, their expertise in project management and organisation makes this software ideal for teams of any shape and size!

2. Basecamp

This US app called Basecamp relies primarily on team communication and facilitating this as much as possible. A global team chat and project-related chat rooms are available for this. Users can also send private messages to each other using basecamp. The actual range of function at the project level is somewhat smaller on this app. Basecamp focuses on some core functions, including the presentation of individual tasks or projects including details. Various employees can also be assigned to teams and work together in a coordinated manner.
The project management software for Android and iOS is available on the move and enables tasks to be created or edited, for example. Lastly, Basecamp’s servers operate in the USA.

3. Smartsheet

An old school way to run projects is on excel spreadsheets, however people are moving past this as it can be pretty limiting and Smartsheet – as its name suggests – relies primarily on the table as a view for projects, however in a more clever way. Information can be specifically filtered or sorted there. Other forms of representation are a map view, a Gantt and a calendar through using smartsheet.

In addition to workflow automation for existing functions, Smartsheet can also be linked to other services which might be useful in the organisation. However, some say the surface is somewhat unstructured due to its flexibility of Smartsheet. Lastly, Smartsheet is suitable for Android and iOS software.

4. Bitrix24

The project app Bitrix24 is from Russia and is a very comprehensive solution that combines not only project management but also CRM and shop solutions in the software. This makes Bitrix24 a very comprehensive solution for a wide range of purposes- so very suitable to different types of organisations. However, the operation is therefore also more complicated.
Like Basecamp, Bitrix24 also relies on communication between users and therefore integrates its own intranet, among other things. The project management tool is available as a mobile app for the common platforms and users to make easier.

5. Trello

Trello is known for their task boards. Acting almost as a notice boards where people can stick post-it notes onto for all to see. Trello allows employees to create boards and update boards to see where they are going right or wrong and ask specific questions on each board as they progress. Trello is highly effective, although has been criticized for its inability to organise posts well enough- it is quite manual and sometimes can look slightly cluttered in appearance.

6. Asana

Lastly, when discussing great software management tools it is always worth mentioning Asana. Asana is a lightweight project management app. The US provider primarily uses the Kanban board from agile project management methods as well as a list display for task management, alternatively a timeline is also available.

Further features of Asana are an integrated chat and a calendar function. The user interface is easy to use thanks to drag & drop, but the functions at the project level are also less extensive. Like the other project apps, Asana is also available for mobile use for iOS and Android.
Productivity with using project management apps and web-based programmes.

How do I make a decision?

Project management apps are not only a great help in organizing tasks and projects, they also encourage teamwork across the board. When all employees always have an overview, are always up to date and can optimally coordinate tasks with one another – even when they are on the move, the overall outcome for a company is positive.
The different tools are often not only practical for projects, but also offer an extended range of functions for day-to-day business operations. The comprehensive advantages therefore include: increased efficiency, increased productivity, targeted communication and optimised processesing overall.

What is important to remember when choosing a project management tool to assist with your projects and business operations, you are allowed to make a change if something is not optimal for your success. Say for example, you choose a programme and integrate everyone onto this programme, however things start to slowly slip away and your employee and team members start to get confused. Firstly, we would recommend getting in touch with the helpline of these various project management companies. Sometimes there is a very simple answer and solution to the issues that you face. However, sometimes you need to make a change all together. Try programmes and change programmes until you are happy and feel as though you are working effectively.

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