Helpdesk software on the go

by Gabriella Martin

Today, helpdesk software must also be available to agents on mobile devices. In addition to cloud computing, the mobility trend has significant influences on operational and strategic aspects of IT service management.

Mobile devices and applications pose challenges for IT helpdesk

There are two central requirements for IT service management: on the one hand, they should improve the quality of their IT services, and on the other, they should save IT costs. 

This results in an effort to reduce the costs of IT service management, for example, by reducing incidents. At the same time, however, this effort is being countered by the use of mobile devices and apps. According to the IDC study “IT Service Management in Germany 2014”, 45% of the IT managers surveyed stated that the number of incidents in their company had increased by an average of 17% in the previous year. Each additional incident ties up personnel resources and represents a cost for the company. Many businesses neglect these costs when procuring mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The effects on IT service management and thus the hidden costs only become apparent later.

To solve the dilemma, IT organizations should focus on two goals:

  • Reduction in the number of incidents
  • In terms of a holistic cost consideration, it should be examined for which employees it is profitable to equip them with mobile devices and for which employees the use of BYOD concepts (Bring Your Own Device – translation “Bring your own (end) device”) makes sense.
  • Acceleration of incident handling in the helpdesk software.
  • This can be achieved by standardizing operating systems and mobile devices, by platform-independent, web-based applications, and by integrating mobile devices and application management tools into IT service management software.

Mobile IT Helpdesk-Software

The mobility trend also offers new opportunities for IT service management. By using mobile ITSM (IT service management) apps, employees can contact the help desk via their smartphone or tablet, and IT service management is informed more quickly about outages and can therefore respond more quickly to disruptions or provide better support to employees at their workplace. According to the IDC study, around a third of the companies surveyed have already provided their employees with an ITSM app for mobile devices.

Advantages of the mobile IT helpdesk for employees

Help Desk mobil Vorteile END

English Translation:

  • Service quality to users increases
  • High acceptance by employees
  • Incidents can be handled faster
  • user friendliness
  • Helpdesk calls are reduced
  • According to source: IDC, 2014 (survey of 170 companies).

The study shows that a mobile IT help desk in the form of a ticket system or help desk software, which is also available as a mobile ITSM app, supports IT service management in the two most important requirements: Improving service quality and reducing IT costs as a result of faster incident handling.

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