Top 10 Project Management Certifications 2021

by Gabriella Martin

Read on for a summary of the top 10 project management certifications 2021…A project management certification can always add importance and relevance to your role in any company or institution. We have compiled a list of highly recommended Project Management Certifications of 2021. 

Pursuing a project management certification can give you the skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in any field and boost your resume with a stamp of approval from a reputable industry organization.

The history of project management certifications:

The first certification examination was held October 6, 1984, at PMI ’86 in Philadelphia. Fifty-six individuals took the exam and 43 passed to become the first Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

Launched in 1984, PMI’s first credential was the PMP. It has since become a de facto standard certification in project management

Beyond focusing on preparing employees for certification, leaders should offer access to project management online courses that teach individuals how to deal with interpersonal relations, resource management, budgeting and scope/ requirement creep. 

Advantages: Top 10 project management certifications

Project management certifications validate your skills in the following areas: Planning and Leading a team most specifically. 

1. Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry recognized credential for project managers. PMP demonstrates the experience, education, skill and competency required to lead and direct projects. PMP is the most sought after certification administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

PMP Certification requirements:

  • A four-year degree
  • 36 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

— OR —

  • A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
  • 60 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

2.Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) by UDEMY

Top 10 project management certifications: This certification is specially designed for professionals with minimal experience in project management, which gives them a basic understanding of the subject.

This course includes:

  • 23.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 17 downloadable resources
  • 2 practice tests
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion


  • Understand fundamentals of project management
  • Dedicated to completing this CAPM Exam Prep Seminar
  • Have a deep desire to pass the CAPM exam

Cost: 101,65 USD

3.Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

Google Career Certificates

What you will learn: 

  • Gain an immersive understanding of the practices and skills needed to succeed in an entry-level project management role
  • Learn how to create effective project documentation and artifacts throughout the various phases of a project
  • Learn the foundations of Agile project management, with a focus on implementing Scrum events, building Scrum artifacts, and understanding Scrum roles

Over 6 courses, gain in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level job. Learn from Google employees whose foundations in project management served as launchpads for their own careers. At under 10 hours per week, you can complete in less than six months.

Upon completion, you can directly apply for jobs with Google and over 130 U.S. employers, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

Google Career Certificates are part of Grow with Google, an initiative that draws on Google’s 20-year history of building products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow.


None! Whether you’re completely new to the job field or have had some exposure, a Google Career Certificate is the right program for you.


In the U.S. and Canada, Coursera charges $39/month after the initial 7 day free trial period. The certificate can be completed in less than 6 months of part time study, meaning most learners complete for under $300 USD. In other countries where the IT Support Certificate is available, your cost may be lower. Google does not generate any revenue from Google Career Certificates and has made need-based financial assistance available.

4.Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – Agile Project Management Certification by the ScrumAliance

Top 10 project management certifications: CSM training gives you hands-on skills that you can immediately apply in the real world and expand your career opportunities. Agile management is the application of the principles of Agile software development to various management processes, particularly project management.

Scrum Masters tend to be people-oriented, have a high level of emotional intelligence, and find joy in helping team members to grow.

5.MicroMaster Program in Project Management by RITx (edX)

What you will gain/ learn:

  • The tools and techniques to manage the comprehensive project management life cycle for a project – from initiation through closing.
  • To balance the critical tradeoffs of time, cost and scope to meet customer expectations.
  • The ability to apply best practices across a variety of industries and businesses.
  • Lead a project to success, and how to capitalize on the leadership and behavioral facets to do so.
  • To navigate the social and cultural aspects, legal and regulatory practices, technology and infrastructure that influence projects’ success in the global market.

Teaching: Expert instruction

Level: 4 graduate-level courses

Length: 8 months (8 – 12 hours per week)

Discounted price: $1,212.30 vs. Pre-discounted price: $1,347USD

6. Project Management Classes Online (LinkedIn Learning)

Microsoft Project 2016 Essential Training

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management software that is especially applicable for the PMP standard. This course provides lessons from a certified Project Management Professional, exploring task linking, resource assignment, and project scheduling.

What is included: 2 project files, 11 chapter quizzes, Access on tablet and phone, Certificate of completion

Benefits of completing a linkedIn course: Showcase on your LinkedIn profile under the “Licenses and Certificates” section, Download or print out as PDF to share with others, Share as image online to demonstrate your skill

7. Project Management Training Bundle – 6 Project Management Courses (Master of Project Academy)

  • 35 contact hours of Self-Paced PMP® Certification Online Training designed by industry experts 
  • 10+ Hours of Self-Paced Agile Scrum Certification Training9+ Hours Microsoft Project Training 
  • 2,400+ PMP® practice questions help you prepare for the certification exam

What is included: 

  • 9 PMP Certification Sample Exams 
  • (25+ Contact Hours) 
  • Step-by-step project plan creation in MS Project over a real project example
  • PMP, Agile Cheat Sheets and more
  •  Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you work full-time

Cost: Annual 667USD 1 year duration 

8. PRINCE2 – Projects in Controlled Environments

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method and practitioner certification programme. PRINCE2 emphasises dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages. It is adopted in many countries worldwide, including the UK, Western European countries, and Australia.

What you will get from the course:

  • The practical skills and knowledge you need to get project-based work done more effectively and efficiently, on time and within budget
  • The ability to identify and address risks, estimate time and cost, manage a team, and communicate with stakeholders
  • A certificate from UCT that recognises your new competencies in project management – a certain boost to your CV and confidence

Time period: 10 weeks, excluding orientation  

9. Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Certification by ThinkAgile

What you will get from this course:

  • Introduction to Agile 
  • Novice-to-expert Journey 
  • Structuring teams for Agility 
  • High Performance Teams 
  • Lifting Off Teams 
  • Create and Manage the Product Backlog 
  • Buyers vs Users vs Customers
  • Agile requirements and User Stories
  • Relative Sizing and planning poker
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Visual Information Radiators 
  • Useful Agile metrics
  • Technical practices

Course Length: For in class, face-to-face training, the course is two full days. Starting at 8:30 a.m. and finishing at 4.30 p.m. 

Live online training: runs over 4 consecutive days from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

Cost: 618,24 USD

10. Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization by UCI (Coursera)

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

Top 10 project management certifications: This program includes over 140 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments which will help you simulate real-world project management scenarios that are critical for success in the workplace.

The content is highly interactive and exclusively developed by Google employees with decades of experience in program and project management.

Skills you’ll gain will include: Creating risk management plans; Understanding process improvement techniques; Managing escalations, team dynamics, and stakeholders; Creating budgets and navigating procurement; Utilizing  project management software, tools, and templates; Practicing Agile project management, with an emphasis on Scrum.

Through a mix of videos, assessments, and hands-on activities, you’ll get introduced to initiating, planning, and running both traditional and Agile projects. You’ll develop a toolbox to demonstrate your understanding of key project management elements, including managing a schedule, budget, and team.


Project management is important because it ensures what is being delivered, is right, and will deliver real value against the business opportunity. Good project management ensures that the goals of projects closely align with the strategic goals of the business. The above mentioned Project management certifications of 2021 will assist your team in becoming Project Management Professionals, equipped to lead and manage with necessary skill development. 

To do further research on the topic of project management software and practices, you can refer to Allegra’s project management resources.

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