All Allegra Functions


Classic Project Management

With Allegra you can lead project portfolios, projects with subprojects, classic, agile and hybrid projects to success. It is always clear who does what and by when.


Organize your project tasks with Gantt charts, Kanban boards and hierarchically structured lists.

Project Portfolios

Group projects into portfolios or divide your projects into sub-projects. Work across projects.

Copy Projects

Copy complete projects with or without activities and move all data at a specified amount to set up similar projects at lightning speed.

Project Templates

Create project templates with fixed tasks and milestones so your team can start working right away.

Resource Planning

Plan your resources so that no one is overworked or underutilized.


Use milestones as progress markers and take a look at how your projects are developing with milestone trend analysis.

Work Breakdown Structure

Structure your project tasks hierarchically as deep as you like and keep the overview even in large projects.


Define when tasks are due. Distinguish between a requested date and committed date or base plan and current plan.


See who has what to do and distribute workloads accordingly.

Agile Project Management: Scrum

Accelerate your projects with extensive Scrum features in Allegra.

Scrum Teams

Simply assemble your teams and assign them the right Scrum roles.


Create and manage all requirements in product backlogs. Define multiple backlogs, e.g. for different key customers.


Create epics directly as tasks or as part of a requirements or specifications document. Specify epics into user stories.

User Stories

Describe your requirements in the form of user stories. Collect them in the product backlog, e.g. as sub-processes of epics.

Story Points

Determine the realization effort for your user stories in the form of story points. You can also assign classic efforts in the form of work hours.


Create sprints manually or automatically, to which you then assign user stories from a backlog via drag & drop. Give each sprint the available sprint capacity.

Scrum Board

Use the flexible, configurable Scrum board for the daily team meetings (daily Scrums).

Burn Charts

Monitor sprint and project progress in real time using burn charts.

Integration with Git

Link your Git commits to user stories and tasks to track the realization of requirements.

Ticket System and Service Desk

Better customer service with the  Allegra Ticket System. Track, prioritize and resolve your customer support tickets quickly and easily.

Service Portal

Collect your customers' inquiries in one place and process them systematically. Measure lead times and escalate critical processes.

Multi-channel Communication

Communicate with your customers via email, phone, chat or the support portal.


Automatically route incoming tickets to the right Support team based on your language.

Reply Templates

Use response templates for recurring requests to shorten your response and processing time.

Ticket Distribution

Automatically distribute tickets to different employees based on keywords or employee availability. Prioritize and escalate tickets when necessary.

Approval Workflows

Create approval workflows for all types of requests or purchase order processes.

SLAs & Escalation

Map SLAs into workflows and escalate tickets that have gone unprocessed for too long.

Base Functionality

These are the basic functions and features provided by the Allegra platform.

Task Management

Track all types of operations and tasks in one place. Resubmission, recurring deadlines, Getting Things Done: it's all here!

Hierarchical Processes

Processes (tasks, open items, etc.) can be structured hierarchically as deep as you like, so you always have an overview.

Hierarchical Workspaces

Workspaces (projects) can be subdivided hierarchically into subareas. So, you can also manage large projects with many activities.

Custom Input Masks

Decide for yourself which fields are arranged on your input screens and how. Show everyone only the fields that they need.

Custom Attributes

Choose from a wide variety of attribute types that you need for each type of operation.

Complete Action Log

All changes to a process are fully documented. This makes it possible to track what has happened at any time.

Assign any number of attachments to a task, either directly or as a URL (link). Attachments are also taken into account in the full text search.


View all project details in one place in real time. Quickly see where deadlines and budgets are being exceeded.


All user interface texts can be localized in an update-safe manner and are available in several languages.

Branding Customization

Integrate the service portal into your existing websites and adapt it to your corporate identity guidelines.


Keep track of all tasks with project-spanning queries and reports.

Role-based Access Control

Use role assignments to control who can see and change what. Use RACI methodology for assigning rights for specific processes.

Delegation and Resubmission

Delegate tasks and put them on resubmission. You have access to the list of delegated tasks at any time.

Create relationships between items, such as "is a duplicate of". Define as many custom relationship types as you like.

Recurring Tasks

Define recurring tasks once to make sure nothing is forgotten.


Mark frequently used operations as personal favorites and keep them in a separate list.


Save a lot of time by automating workflows such as release processes or customer support.

Getting Things Done

Improve your personal and team productivity by using the time-tested Getting Things Done method.

Follow Ups

Give tasks to team members and set a personal deadline for follow ups.

Excel Import & Export

Export operations to Excel documents and import existing Excel spreadsheets into Allegra.


Allegra helps you with the RACI-Method, which makes responsibilities transparent to everyone at all times.

Link tasks that depend on each other, e.g. those that cannot be started until the predecessor is completed.

Time Tracking

Record the time spent on important processes and create customer-specific activity tracing.


Keep an overview with hierarchical structures of projects and tasks. You can manage even large amounts of tasks and extensive projects.

Use hierarchy to assign permissions and make sure that everyone can see what they need, but not anything more.



Quickly create new projects from project templates. Save completed projects as templates for later use.

Use text templates for quick ticket response. Store templates for project documentation and make it easy for your team to create all necessary documentation.



Save a lot of time and automate

  • Reminders and resubmission of regular tasks
  • Answering tickets
  • Creation of sprints
  • Forwarding of approvals
  • Escalations
  • Closing outdated tasks

and everything you want to control externally via the Rest API.

Diagrams and Reports

Find out anytime about the current status of your work with the help of clear diagrams and meaningful reports.

Your Tasks

With just one click, you get a list of all your tasks. Mark frequently visited tasks as favorites.

Table View

In the table view, you can display a large amount of information about your tasks in a compact and structured way.


Organize your work like sticky notes and track your tasks at every stage. Boards help to make your work processes more transparent.


Visualize relationships between project tasks and compare the original plan with the current plan in the interactive Gantt chart.


Plan your resources so that no one is overworked or underutilized.


Keep track of all tasks with project spanning requests and reports.

Reports und KPIs

Create meaningful reports together with Microsoft Power BI and improve your processes based on KPIs.


View all key data for your project in one place in real time. Quickly see where deadlines and budgets are being exceeded.

Excel Export

Export any project data to Excel files and prepare them there for the desired representation.

Gantt Charts

With the help of web-based Gantt charts, you can quickly and easily create a project structure plan that you can keep up-to-date throughout the entire project with little effort.

You can follow the progress of the project in real time, move deadlines directly in the diagram and watch how the dependent deadlines are moved automatically. You can directly see the critical path and compare the current plan with the base plan at any time.

You can easily switch between the Gantt view and e.g. the task board view and use the best of a planning-oriented approach and agile project management.

Resource Planning

As both team leader and project manager, you always have an overview of the availability of your resources.

  • As a project manager, you see the utilization of the resources made available to you.
  • As a department or team leader, you can see the utilization of the resources assigned to you.
  • You receive daily workload profiles with marking of overloads and free spaces.

You can define basic calendars and each employee can store his or her personal calendar with deviating availability times.


Ensure an optimal flow of information so that everyone in the team is provided with exactly the information they need at all times.


With the help of the RACI-based communication scheme, you ensure that everyone gets exactly the information they need– no more, no less.


Add team members as readers or editors to tasks so they can see or even edit them and be notified of changes.

Chat Integration

Using our Slack or MS Teams integration, you can be informed and participate in discussions without being logged into Allegra.


Get automatic reminders of due and overdue tasks via email or a chat program.

In-App Notifications

If you already receive too many emails, get notified by the message feature within Allegra.

Text Templates

With the help of text templates, you can quickly create standard responses to standard requests.


Evaluate processes such as tasks, documents or discussion contributions with positive or negative feedback.


Discuss with team members, partners and customers via integrated comment function, email or chat systems like Slack and Teams.


Give tasks to team members and set a personal deadline for follow-ups.


Create all kinds of documents in Allegra and link them to tasks in your projects or areas.

Document and Track Meetings

Document your project meetings effectively and instantly.

  • Track to-dos from previous meetings in real time.
  • Create tasks with task management directly while writing meeting minutes.
  • Create new minutes from templates or previous documents.
  • Automatically create Jour Fixe minutes.
  • Make minutes available online or as PDFs.


Manage teams, guest users, projects, and service desks, and make sure everyone gets the information they deserve.


Give users roles in your projects and grant them permissions. Synchronize users with your Active Directory or LDAP directory server for easy user management.


Work with customers, external vendors, contractors and partners in Allegra.


Organize users into groups and thus simplify general user management and the assignment of permissions.


Assign users to departments or companies. Organize departments hierarchically for appropriate permissions in resource planning.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase access protection with two-factor authentication via email or one of the popular 2FA apps for cell phones.


You assign permissions in projects via freely definable roles. You use system roles to define who is allowed to do what in the system. The hierarchical basic structure allows you to distribute the responsibility among many people.

Project Management

Archive inactive projects and keep the overview. The data can be reactivated at any time.

Data Protection

Export all data of individual areas or a whole server including all configurations and import everything on another server.

Safeguard Your Investment

Update even more than 10 years old versions including all configurations and data and bring them up to date.

Mobile Apps

With our mobile apps for Android and iOS, you're always up to date, even when you're on the go.


Track your work in progress even on the go and stay up to date no matter where you are. With our mobile app, you can create tasks, have discussions about them, and enter and receive updates on their progress.


Track your work from your Android device even when you're away and stay up to date. You can create tasks, discuss them, and enter and receive updates on their progress wherever you are.


Link Allegra to other tools you use. This way it will be easier for you to oversee all your work from one place.

Rest API

The Rest API gives you access to all your Allegra data to integrate with other tools and automate operations.


Post updates to a Slack channel when there are changes to your Allegra tasks. You can also create, comment, mark as done and edit tasks via Slack.

Send Emails to Allegra

Send or forward emails to Allegra to create tasks or start discussions. This way, you can convert emails into executable actions and you won't lose any important information.


Link your Gitlab commits to tasks to keep your team informed about the latest code changes.

MS Power BI

Easily create complex reports based on your Allegra data with Microsoft Power BI.