Allegra Release Notes

Release 5.1.1

by Administrator

Innovative and user-friendly

New in this release are the so-called 'Perspectives', which show you the right user interface when you use the system in different modes. Currently, four modes are supported with corresponding 'perspectives':

  • Project and Task Management - the classic perspective you may already know
  • Scrum Perspective - all you can expect from an intuitive Scrum Tool
  • Wiki perspective - perfect for process documentation, requirements, testing , Meeting Agendas and Meetings Protocols
  • Administrator Profiles Perspective - for System Administrators

The Roadmap has specialized perspectives on project management, help desk, requirements management, test management, and meeting management. The Allegra design supports all of these use cases through manageable 'operations' organized by workspaces.

New Features

  • Perspectives for the different use cases offer specialized user interfaces for the different operating modes.
  • In the Scrum perspective, all Scrum processes are displayed. Teams, Backlogs, Releases, Sprints, Task Board, Burndown Chart: here you will find everything.
  • New user interface in modern design
  • New cockpit tile for customizing the grid representation of operations. You can create your own collection of task navigators in the cockpit by selecting the columns to display, determining the position and width of the columns, and so on.
  • The sub-filter of the task navigator is fully configurable and depends on the selection of the main filter
  • Wiki Document Import and -export including all sub-elements and attachments
  • Optimized wiki table editor
  • Wiki import of complete or partial Microsoft Word documents with 'copy and paste'
  • Creating links in wiki, that refer to other documents, processes, external documents or attachments
  • Language selection for Wiki Editor spell checker, regardless of browser language settings
  • Integrating document properties or Wiki text document properties
  • New LaTeX templates for exporting wiki documents
  • User selection option to display only users listed in the organizational hierarchy under are the current user
  • Link types of perspectives may be limited. For example, links used for project management (end-to-start, start-to-start, and so on) are not displayed in the Wiki Perspective, which is used to compile requests.
  • Emails can now be shared with anyone currently logged on Users are dispatched
  • The Helpdesk feature has been significantly improved.


  • The left section of the Task Navigator shows only statuses that are currently in use
  • The Agile Board (Task Board) displays only actual status
  • File formats can be universally converted to ISO format
  • In the Gantt Diagram links can now be edited
  • The Web Service API now offers the possibility to link processes
  • For client users a standard cockpit can now be defined
  • Working days can be defined as time units in the workflow escalation. So, when something arrives on Saturdays, it's treated as if it's on Mondays.
  • Metadata of documents or document sections (properties) can be included in task descriptions.
  • You can search for tab names in the Task Editor
  • Filter automatic emails to 'more than x minutes' and 'less than x minutes' to reduce the number of automatic mails
  • You can specify a specific design for each responsible person to use in the task navigator including the task board
  • The standard width for columns in the task navigator can be restored
  • It is no longer possible to delete the last system administrator
  • You can add the tooltip for user-related fields such as 'Manager' (superior) or 'Responsible', telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Only administrators can upload wiki export templates
  • The maximum Amount of Operations in each category can be defined on the agile board.

Have fun!

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