Allegra Release Notes

Release 6.0.0

by Administrator

Versioning and many Wiki- and ALM improvements

The new version of the project management software Allegra brings you:

  • Versioning of Wiki documents
  • ALM / Wiki PDF creation: Many LaTeX exporter improvements
  • ALM / Wiki PDF Creation: New robust, streamlined HTML exporter
  • ALM / Wiki: Template management and editor for LaTeX and HTML templates
  • ALM / Wiki: With auto-save function
  • ALM / Wiki: Many improvements for shortcuts and shortcuts
  • ALM / Wiki: Page break and handling of concurrent editing
  • ALM / Wiki: Embedded items can be displayed with their sub-items
  • ALM / Wiki: templates for embedded items with editor
  • ALM: Improved link navigator with batch processing
  • ALM: Improved link matrix no longer needs column filters
  • Automatic origin description for attachments
  • Improved REST web service interface
  • Workspaces / projects can have their own avatar
  • New workspaces can be created directly from the template in the task navigator
  • New workspaces can be created as children of higher-level workspaces
  • Selected attachments or comments can be sent by e-mail
  • Workflows: Values of other attributes can be embedded in a short text attribute

Upgrades require a new license key.


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