Allegra Release Notes

Release 7.0.0

by Bence Nagy

Numerous new Features and Improvements

This new version of Allegra project management software comes with:

New features:

  • Branching and Baselining for Wiki documents
  • New theming Material UI with dark mode, individually customizable
  • Two-factor authentification
  • Customizable branding
  • Massive performance improvements for Cockpit tiles
  • Massive Wiki performance improvements
  • HTML based reports
  • HTML report template editor
  • Wiki documents: Auto-numbering and links to sections, figures, and tables
  • Wiki documents: Link to section in other document
  • Text fragments/templates for signatures and standard answers in e-mails
  • Form and panel labels can now be localized
  • High quality retina icons (SVG)
  • Tabs on cockpit and forms now sortable
  • Time recorder for work performed on an item
  • Cost Centers and Accounts: Drag'n'Drop or Movement
  • Editor for General Settings
  • Gantt handling parallel editing
  • Gantt undo and redo
  • Completely new view for Work and Cost tab
  • Replacement entry if list entry is deleted
  • New report data source for budget related reports
  • New "previous version" attribute for Wiki documents
  • Versioning: Version number as inline field
  • Enhanced link editor in ALM view


  • Improved Allegra maintenance mode
  • Rich text editor (CKEditor) for rich text field's default text value
  • Reworked avatars
  • List option icon change by drag and drop image from desktop
  • Improved Rest API documentation
  • Mentions in inline comment supported
  • Wiki full support for parallel editing
  • Scrum/Sprint perspective: Save view settings
  • Workspace template copy: now maintains the original structure (WBS)
  • Wiki scroll position preserved after saving a document
  • Wiki supports multiselect for existing inline items
  • Default for duration
  • Reverse the due condition (red marking) for start date and required start date
  • New shortcuts for efforts
  • Link to attachment can be included in a mail
  • Improved item navigator behavior with multiple selection of all children
  • Save or discard changes before closing the item editor
  • Can add effort in Sprint view
  • A manager can now add efforts on behalf of somebody else
  • Watcher changes are now recorded in the item history
  • Folders in the Wiki can now be localized as well
  • It is now possible to change colors/themes of individual bars in the Gantt chart
  • Additional button in task editor
  • WBS for linked item

When upgrading from a previous version you need a new license key.


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