Allegra Release Notes

Release 8.0.1

by Bence Nagy

Improved resource management and more enhancements

With this version of the Allegra project management software released today, a new chapter in the continuous development of this top product has been opened. Allegra has been massively improved for an even more pleasant user experience in design, usability, and functionality.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Modern, attractive, and highly functional design
  • Easy start with the new cockpit widget for beginners and occasional users
  • Super simple and fast creation of projects with the new project wizard
  • Quick switching between different processes with the new tab navigation
  • New helpdesk perspective with ChatGPT integration and response templates
  • Super easy configuration of custom cockpits
  • Super easy creation of custom card templates for the task board
  • Quick switching between different process browser layouts with layout templates
  • Many new integrations into the Microsoft world for increased productivity

In addition, there are numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes.


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