Customer service software. Made to enchant.

Provide your internal and external customers a complete service interface with Allegra Service help desk software.

A complete customer service solution

Allegra makes it easier for your customers to contact you, puts your employees on the road to success and ensures that everything runs like clockwork in your company. No matter your customers who need support come from, they can always get help quickly and easily.


Make it easy for your customers

A Simple Way to Get in Contact

Make it easy for your customers to reach your company. Via web portal, email, smartphone app, phone or chat: You can keep in touch with your customers any time.

Help for Self Help

Help your customers help themselves with an easily accessible knowledge store, FAQs and structured documentation.

Short Response Times

Surprise your customers with short response times and competent support. Thanks to information bundling, your employees know immediately how to best address each customer.

Make it easy for your team

Everything in one place

All customer concerns arrive centrally in one place and can be prioritized and addressed there. This way, your team can evenly distribute the workload and maintain an overview at all times.

Response templates

Your team easily compiles responses from templates with just a few clicks. This allows your specialists more time to handle more complex concerns and enables the use of less experienced staff.


Give your team more time for customer service with automatic acknowledgments of incoming requests, automatic follow-ups, and automatic assignment to suitable employees.

Customer contacts you through one of your support channels

Your customer contacts you by email, via your service portal or by phone. If the customer is already known to you, the message will be assigned to him or her. Otherwise, you can freely decide whether you want to register the customer again or only save his or her email address for this support case.

Employee is assigned depending on the concern

From the content of the customer message, either automatically, based on keywords or tags, or by a human dispatcher, the ticket can be assigned to an appropriate employee.

Mitarbeiter fragt intern nach

It could be that the employee needs help to solve the ticket, e.g. from second level support or design. For this purpose, he or she can use the internal comment function so that the customer is not aware of it. The customer is always informed immediately about other changes, e.g. the processing status.

Mitarbeiter fragt beim Kunden nach

An employee still needs information from the customer to resolve the customer's ticket. He or she can send the customer an email and the ticket status will be set to "Waiting for response". This state is provided with a time-out, after which the customer is reminded once again to reply before the ticket is then closed automatically at some point.

Kunde erhält Antwort

The customer receives a proposed solution by email or support via telephone or video conference. The ticket is then closed.

Data protection

You decide: Self hosting or cloud

Self hosting

  • Run Allegra on your server
  • Keep full control over your data
  • Runs on all platforms (VMs, Docker)
  • Requires IT skills

Allegra cloud

  • Immediately ready for use
  • DSGVO compliant in German cloud
  • Switch to self hosting possible at any time


Start now and try Allegra yourself 30 days free of charge in our cloud.

Well-known companies rely on Allegra

Whether small teams or large projects: our customers are enthusiastic about our products!

This is what customers
say about Allegra

"We've been using Allegra software at DUNGS Combustion Controls for a few years now, and it manages a lot of our tasks and projects - spread across many sites and con­ti­nents. It's great to see how the software has evolved over the years."

Stephan Arnold, DUNGS Combustion Controls

"In BMK's IT department, Allegra is used for task management of software developers and projects. ... Especially during the release change of our ERP system, Allegra helps us work through the errors that occurred during testing. ... Allegra supports our software developers ideally in their daily work."

Iris Schrötter, BMK Group GmbH & Co. KG

"We ... have been working with Allegra for over 3 years. We have customized the system to meet our needs so that we can plan and manage our many projects effectively, with little effort and great reliability. ... An indispensable tool for our project managers and development teams."

Aglaia Eck, Helios Ventilatoren

"The support during the configuration of the CIRS system ... was carried out with a strong commitment and support for special concerns. We experienced a highly professional and appreciative support team that responded to all concerns with the highest level of understanding (...)."

Dr. Oliver Bachmann, Stiftung Maria Ebene