Task management fit to your purpose

On this page, you will find examples of how customers use Allegra to improve their processes.

Electronics Industry

Allegra supports many aspects of the product lifecycle of electronic assemblies:

  • Product idea and topic storage
  • Simple requirement management
  • Project management for hardware and software development (more info)
  • Approval and release processes
  • Quality management system (more info)
  • Customer support (more info)
  • Return Material Authorization


In mechanical engineering, it is seldom a question of large unit numbers, but rather of optimally matching the offer to the customer's problem.

Allegra supports you with:

  • classical project management
  • proof of the correct implementation of safety-critical components (SIL, ISO)
  • quality and change management
  • customer service

Financial Services

No matter in which area you work - banking, insurance, asset management or investment business: With Allegra, you can offer your employees an integrated solution for many tasks, e.g.

  • customer service
  • security incident management
  • change management
  • standard workflows, such as employee onboarding
  • approval processes
  • project management

With Allegra, all processes are stored centrally and, thanks to strict data security standards, all data is always optimally protected.


Wirtschaftsprüfer arbeiten in einem jährlichen Zyklus immer wieder gleiche oder ähnliche Aufgabenstellungen ab. Das Aufgabenmanagement-System von Allegra unterstützt diese Art von Arbeiten durch Prüfungs­vorla­gen, Auf­gaben­pools und die Möglichkeit, sich zyklisch wieder­holende Vorgänge zu definieren.

Im Gegensatz zu Excel-Tabellen gewährleistet Allegra eine einheitliche Sicht auf alle Vorgänge und erlaubt dabei einen fein-granularen Zugangsschutz zu den oft vertraulichen Informationen.

Meeting minutes and follow-up

Document your project meetings effectively and instantly.

  • Track the to-dos from previous meetings in real-time
  • Create tasks in task management directly while writing the minutes
  • Create new minutes from templates or previous documents
  • Automatically generate Jour Fixe minutes
  • Provide minutes online or as a PDF


Keep all information and discussions of a process in one place. No more searching for emails. All participants are always fully informed and can easily join the discussion.

Workflows automation

Automate your workflows without needing to program anything. Automated email responses, reminders, escalations, and approval processes make your work easier and relieve you of many tasks. The graphical workflow editor and the task engine make it easy for you to automate even complex tasks for your team.

Kanban/task management

Manage all work processes centrally in one place. Differentiate between planned and unplanned tasks and assign them different fields and workflows.

Ensure that no one is underutilized or overburdened. Manage risks, goals, open issues, documents, and deadlines. Delegate tasks and keep an eye on them. Identify immediately where processes are stuck.

Define recurring tasks, such as legally required safety briefings, on a cyclical basis and save a lot of time.

Document management

From meeting minutes to quality manuals, company standards, work instructions, specifications, and test plans and protocols, manage all your project and process documentation centrally in Allegra. Version documents, develop documents in branches without overwriting approved versions, and maintain revision-secure records with published baselines.

This is how project management and quality management become enjoyable!

Project Management Office (PMO)

Verfolge alle Projekte von Anfang bis Ende mit infor­mativen Ansichten, die die Projektplanung und -ver­fol­gung einfach machen. Verwalte alle Ressourcen in einer Listen-, Gantt-, Board- oder Kalenderansicht.

Beteilige die Teams an der Fort­schreibung der Projekt­planung, so dass Du immer den Überblick behältst.

Nutze Allegra als zentrales Werkzeug und "Single source of truth" in Besprechungen. Dokumentiere sofort die Verteilung von Aufgaben und Zuständigkeiten.

Development & engineering

In mechanical engineering, it's rarely about large quantities but rather about aligning the offer with the customer's problem.

Allegra supports you, among others:

  • in traditional project management
  • in demonstrating the correct implementation of safety-critical components (SIL, ISO)
  • in quality and change management
  • in customer service

Quality management

Implement a comprehensive quality management system with Allegra. Perfectly cover the following areas:

  • Process descriptions and procedure documentation
  • Document control and document management
  • Complaint and repair management
  • Test equipment monitoring and calibration management
  • Key performance indicators for process improvement
  • Training management


Create templates for the annual financial statements and audits with a comprehensive list of all tasks to be performed, and obtain the specific annual action list in just a few minutes.

Modify it as needed and update the template if regulations or circumstances have changed.

Involve external auditors to ensure smooth communication.

Product management

Focus your team and get your product to market with the unique product management platform Allegra.

  • Collect ideas in backlogs, such as specifications or in the form of user stories
  • Create product roadmaps
  • Prioritize the most important features

Establish a sprint system that optimally utilizes your developers' talents. Add sprint automations, track performance with real-time reporting, and integrate GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

Human Ressources (HR)

Create the perfect system to simplify hiring, onboarding, and employee development with Allegra:

  • Recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Employee management
  • Employee development

Track the performance, engagement, and development of your employees with customizable views that make it easy to align your workforce. Create a central hub for employee information, with confidential communication between managers and direct employees.