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Document Description
Allegra User manual User manual for normal users, project managers and administrators.
Allegra Installation guide Installation instructions for installing Allegra on a custom server.
Allegra ServiceDesk app manual Manual for the Service Desk app, a simplified user interface.

Getting started

Document Description
What you should know before you start Allegra is easy to use. Before you start, you should know the main concepts: Workspaces, items, Roles and Perspectives.
First steps After the initial installation, there are a few things to do: create first users, select workspace type (project type) and create workspace (project).
User interface structure After logging in, you will see the user interface as you last used it. The following figure illustrates the layout of the standard user interface. You may see more or less items on your screen. This depends on your workspace role and your system role.
Onboarding for project managers As a project manager, you want to configure, structure and control your project. To do this, you create appropriate item types, a suitable workspace type and assign roles to team members.

Concepts and HowTo's

Document Description
The Allegra notification system In this article, we explain the options available for notifying users about process changes or for reminders and how you can set them up.
Integration of Allegra with Microsoft Azure This articlle describes how to connect Allegra with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Azure Single Sign On.
Integrating Slack Here we explain how you can use Slack together with Allegra.
Configuring Single Sign On with CAS Installation guide for installing Allegra with a CAS-based Single Sign-On system.
Reports and analysis with MS Power BI A guide on how to create reports, analyses, and dashboards based on Allegra using Microsoft Power BI.


Document Description
REST Interface You can connect Allegra to other systems via a REST interface. Through this interface, you can query, modify, and create processes. You can create and modify projects, users, and groups. This allows you to operate Allegra from virtually any other system.
Scripts Allegra offers the option to use scripts for workflows, event handlers, and parameters. Here is a collection of examples that can serve as templates for your own scripts.
Report datasources Manual for the Service Desk App, a simplified user interface.